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Will Ibrahim join Wong Tack in eating humble pie?

Will Ibrahim join Wong Tack in eating humble pie?

YOURSAY 'Compare Wong Tack with Ibrahim Ali. One man apologised without justifying his actions. Another issues denials and not repentant.'

Wong Tack apologises for 'burn Lynas' remarks

your sayPassing Cloud: Himpunan Hijau leader Wong Tack, you have done the right thing by apologising for your emotional threat to burn down rare earth plant Lynas. It takes a man with moral courage to do so.

Do continue to fight on doggedly and relentlessly, but less any fiery threat in your burning desire to protect the environment and prevent potential long-term harm to the residents and people living in the surrounding areas.

Your fight is for a worthy cause and Malaysians believe victory will eventually be won with patient, endurance and single-minded determination.

So press on, Wong Tack, by all lawful and legitimate means, and caring Malaysians will support you.

Swipenter: Wong Tack, you are a gentleman in admitting your mistake and apologising for it.

However, we don't see Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali apologising for his "burn bible" remark. Instead, he and his apologists try to shift the blame onto others for misinterpreting or misunderstanding his seditious remark.

Did former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad admit his treasonous act in Project IC? To date, did PM Najib Razak apologise to the Chinese community when he uttered his "bath the keris in Chinese blood" when he was Umno Youth chief?

Thinking: Compare Wong Tack with Ibrahim Ali. One man apologised without justifying his actions. Another issues denials and is not repentant.

I suppose BN is so frustrated they cannot charge Wong Tack for issuing seditious remarks because a precedent has been set in Ibrahim Ali's case.

If not, I bet all kind of police reports and investigations will be levelled at Wong Tack. Thanks Ibrahim Ali for your help.

Ferdtan: Good sense prevails. Let this be a warning to the BN government that people are very angry. But we shall always support movements and political parties which seek to achieve their goals by peaceful means.

That is why we despise the Umno and Perkasa supporters who use violence against the peaceful ceramahs organised by Pakatan Rakyat and the gatherings in the Felda settlements by Anak (Felda Settlers' Children Association).
Sincerity and humility are rare commodities nowadays. Wong Tack, hold your head high - you are still our leader. It is a lesson well learned for all, including us.

LittleGiant: Activists should never go overboard with their anger and emotions and should never threaten to use violence as a means to resolve issues.

Unreasonable anger and violence will never result in activists achieving their objectives, no matter how noble their cause is. It will only allow miscreants to take advantage of the situation and create misery for a lot of innocent people.

It is good that Wong Tack has realised his mistake and his apology should be accepted in good faith.

Mushiro: It is tough to realise a mistake and to ask for forgiveness. But Wong Tack did it. Has there ever been any BN or Umno people apologising?

Mahathir is still putting the blame of the Sabah immigrants on everyone. Have the killers of Altantuya Shaariibuu apologised?

Abuminable: Wong Tack is a very passionate eco-warrior and he expressed his personal feelings without the slick veneer of expensive public relations spin.

His outrage is one many of us share, but we are aware that violence doesn't resolve any problems. Instead it can only create more problems. So I wholeheartedly applaud this man's honesty and sincerity and his iron-willed resolve to stop Lynas.

As to be expected, his making a vehement public statement has provoked an immediate backlash from those less sanguine.

The fact that Wong Tack realised his mistake and humbly apologised makes him an even stronger force to be reckoned with. You deserve a big round of applause, Wong Tack.

Whatsup: Wong Tack, we can understand your predicament and outburst. You are too passionate about the Lynas issue and too concerned about the rakyat.

And though it's not your call, still you stood up and be a real man, a giant, to fight against a regime hell-bent on enriching themselves at the expense of the rakyat's health and future.

Though violence or threat of violence will not solve anything, let's not stoop as low as Umno-BN and their NGOs, all of which are above the law. Not you, Mr Wong Tack, save your energy for another fight.

Please continue your sterling effort in raising awareness on the Lynas issue.

Good men: Wong Tack's comments were not appropriate for a leader of a legitimate green movement, and in that sense, by saying what he did, he let the movement down.

However, which one of us can say that we do not feel exactly the same way? It is the built-up frustration and anger at an arrogant government that totally disregards and is dismissive of the concerns of its people.

Wong Tack has done the right thing by apologising for the sake of the credibility of the green movement, but I don't think any of us really blamed him for his outburst.

Please keep up the good work Wong Tack, you have done a great job. You efforts and sacrifices are well appreciated.

Little Hantu: Yes, Wong Tack, you were wrong to make the statement but you have regain your credibility for being brave enough to admit your mistake. Kudos and keep up the good fight.

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