Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perhaps Pakatan should hire a Mongolian pop star

Perhaps Pakatan should hire a Mongolian pop star

YOURSAY 'Has BN become so pathetic that the leadership is fighting over a cursory nod from a fad celebrity like Psy?'

Najib: Pakatan envies BN for getting Psy first

Onyourtoes: This is all it comes down to - who can get Gangnam Style first, not who has a better plan and programme for this country.

If we have Psy coming to Penang, do you think the problems we face will go away? Do you think we will grow one inch taller?

Seriously, if we Malaysians claim that we love this country and want to contribute and sacrifice for its well being, we should not go for the Psy show. We should create history by simultaneously lay to rest BN and Psy.

I don't expect Pakatan Rakyat leaders to call for a boycott because they know Malaysians lack the tenacity to show our mettle. Don't watch, you will not miss anything.

2LAN: PM Najib Razak is so out of touch with reality to think that anyone can envy BN for paying RM1.5 million for a Korean performer as if the people is so stupid as to change their support to BN just because of one singer performing for 30 minutes and that we will all forget all the 55 years of corruption, abuses and plundering.

The world is laughing at Najib for hiring a foreign pop singer to salvage his campaign. Perhaps Pakatan should hire a Mongolian pop star.

Ajeekkor: Actually MCA and Gerakan are responsible for making the PM a fool in this matter. Until now, MCA dare not disclose the sponsors of this event.

We the rakyat want to know who are these cronies as they must have benefitted from previous inflated contracts given out or to be compensated in any future contracts paid with taxpayers' money.

Indeed, don't think we are not aware of all these siphoning of rakyat's money.

Starr: What's the drama of getting Psy first? Malaysia has been ranked among the world's most corrupt countries and the most illicit capital outflows, and yet Najib remains unconcerned.

Now, he is championing BN's ability to secure the appearance of Psy at an astronomical sum of fee, allegedly being paid for by a crony company.

It's a paid service and yet Najib sounds like a real 'hero' while the country is heading south. What sort of a leader do we have in our midst?

Dark Knight: This is the comedy in the way our nation is governed. Rather than scoring points with the electorate on his performance as the PM, Najib is elated to score against the DAP - that too, in bringing a performer to gain the peoples' votes.

Justathougt: Has BN become so pathetic that the leadership is fighting over a cursory nod from a fad celebrity like Psy?

Celebrities without a cause usually respond to the establishment more readily than to those outside of the establishment fighting for a cause. So what's the big deal Najib if you got Psy first?

As for Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen wanting to gangnam with Psy, so what? If she thinks that would increase her net worth, it must be pretty low to begin with.

Anonymous #84319416: I least expected a PM to say this. Of course, if we pay, anyone can perform - it all depends who pays more. But whose money is it? Is this what we call austerity drive?

Fairview: Even my six-year old daughter can tell me that this is a childish response from a person no less than the prime minister. Grow up, Najib.

Do not think for a moment that the rakyat do not know what or who is right or wrong, or jealous or not jealous. You have stoop way too low this time.

Concert organiser stays mum on who's sponsoring Psy

Lim Chong Leong: When something is shrouded in secrecy like this, it means Umno is involved. And they say they are not paying a single sen.

We know that too because when it comes to Umno, they never have to pay. It is the rakyat's money that is used.

How else is it that it is their event, but they are not forking out a single sen? Anyway, for those who can attend, enjoy the show. But never forget ABU (Anything But Umno). Do not be conned by the candy.

Louis: Penang BN Youth chief Oh Tong Keong, first let me congratulate you for being the biggest fool for not knowing who the sponsors are.

Secondly, BN need not go to that big trouble of spending so much and yet attracting only 80,000 people.

If you are real intelligent, a better way of attracting a bigger crowd of at least 150,000 is to scatter RM1.5 million in small denomination from the sky over Han Chiang.

Penangites are happy and are thankful to you. As it is, Penangites are angry with BN and the happiest person is Psy who will pocket RM1.5 million and smiling all the way home.

Hot Khong: Psy better ask for advanced payment for his performance. If he takes a 60-day term, he may never see his cheque when BN is no longer the government after GE13.


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